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Farm, Family, Fun, Education, Community

Our company values the source of where our products come from and the community around us.  It’s important for us to know and understand the values of our suppliers. By knowing our food, we can prepare our dishes in a way that lets the rancher, fisherman and farmer shine on your plate.  

The vision of this space is an extension, an expression of the roots of where our company originally came from. The desert, the land, the seed, the cow, the water, the crop, the labor, the dedication, the craft, and the passion.

With these thoughts in mind, we also want to continue the tradition of care and attention to detail with our local community.  We are not just your local coffee shop. We are a gathering place for the community to come and dine or pick up dinner to take home. While you’re here take the time to learn about where your food comes from through one of cooking demonstrations or classes. Relax on our patio with a great drink at the end of a long day. Then take dinner home to your family knowing that you are giving them the best.

Our mission is to be an extension of the farms we use through the food and drink we serve. 

Our Team