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Butcher Shop

When shopping at Ranch 45, you can be certain that you're purchasing meat of the highest quality at just the right price. You can always expect something special, whether you’re making a Sunday roast or pulling out all the stops for an unforgettable holiday meal. We’ve got meats perfect for summer grilling, winter roasting, and everything in between.  While picking up your meats, grab the sides and sauces to create a restaurant quality meal at home. 

We exclusively sell Brandt Beef Products.  Brandt Beef maintains a “farm-to-fork” philosophy which involves raising its animals humanely and naturally without hormones and antibiotic free.  


In the case you find a selection of:


New York

Skirt Steak

Flat Iron

Dutch Steaks

Flank Steak

Tri Tip

Ground Beef

All Natural Beef Hot Dogs

All Natural Beef Bacon


Rib Roasts

Meaty Back Ribs 

and more……

To Find the Full Selection please go to online ordering.